Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hello there :)
The topic I chose to touch upon is Freedom. Everyone in this world wants to be free, yes free.
Free from all the struggles of life, free from all the pain that comes our way, free from all the worries, tensions, misunderstandings, free from work, from ourselves, from our train of endless thoughts in short, free of something.
Even in our relationships with others we have thoughts running in our heads because we  try to understand why this person is behaving in this way, is he or she happy with me blah blah blah. phew!! my point is we need a way of being free. we need freedom.
So, how do we get freedom?

Here are a few dumb solutions people have come up with, with their innovative minds
1. Shoot or hurt someone : Idea behind it? When you don't have peace nobody has the right to rest in peace!!!
2. Jump from a building/ other self bruising techniques: Idea behind it? Freedom starts after your heart stops!
3. Growl at any poor soul that comes your way: Idea behind it? Releases your tension partially by giving tension to others and eventually getting more tension yourself!?
4. The gossip girl technique: Idea behind it? Blabber to your freedom!

Other than the above mentioned barbarian techniques let me accumulate some ideas of mine by doing an analysis on this freedom. Applying reasoning to the problem at hand.
Let us start with the opposite of freedom, captivity.
So basically if there is no freedom there is captivity. Therefore in order to gain freedom we need to understand what are our areas that are holding us back. Isn't that interesting?
Now let us start by asking ourselves some basic questions
1. What are these struggling thoughts that constantly run in my head, what are they about?
2. Why are they running in my head, what is the reason behind it?
3. What is holding me back (captive)?
4. What are the measures I can take to resolve them?

Now it's time to take action. Challenge yourself. As you know this part is the hardest. Is stage fear getting in the way of your freedom? Challenge yourself to teach in a class. Is fear of failure getting in the way of your freedom? Learn to accept the failure.Is what people think about you getting in the way of your freedom? You are more precious than what people think you are so nothing, nothing they think or say makes you less valuable. God did not create another person with the same fingerprint as you! you are unique, you are special, you are precious.

So my dear friends, my idea is that for any problem at hand a simple analysis to the root cause of the problem can help understand why it is happening. An open mind at self improvisation is what it takes to come out of it.
With this I end my blog post on Freedom.
Do share with me your thoughts on the same :)


A Personal Welcome :)

Hello dear friends, welcome to my blog :) I am so happy that I get a forum here to share different views about life and most importantly do what I always want to do, express myself.

About me? A woman seeking for her true identity with an engineering master's degree in hand!
Goal in life? Living my life to it's fullest so that I can look back at it and have no regrets.
Personal Quote: No matter how much you learn, you can never learn enough about yourself.

What will be posted on this blog? Anything related to living life better.
P.S.:I believe everyone is special and unique and your opinion on what is posted will be greatly valued.

Stay tuned everyone. Much more coming up :)